How to naturally clean the toilet bowl

Many are intimidated by natural cleaners when making the switch from commercial cleaners.  Will they disinfect as well as store bought?  I used to wonder the same thing, but after reading several experiments using a variety of cleaners, I feel fully confident in the method that I use to naturally clean the toilet bowl.

I use two ingredients:  baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.  Yes that’s it!  Simple and cheap.  Occasionally I will also use a few drops of essential oils in the bowl for an extra boost and to make it smell good, but it’s not completely necessary.

Does it really do the job?  Yes!  Read this post on comparing different cleaners.  You will be shocked at how ineffective some of the top commercial cleaners are.

Good simple non-toxic cleaners like baking soda and peroxide have simplified my cleaning routine and supplies tremendously by keeping them minimal.  These minimal ingredients also help with the budget.  They’re so inexpensive and are multi-purpose for many things in the home.  I love when products can do double duty.  Give me the most bang for my buck, please!  The baking soda is great for cleaning grime and the peroxide is fantastic for disinfecting.

Today’s tutorial today though is how to naturally clean the toilet bowl.

Really it’s as simple as one, two, three.

1.  Dump some baking soda in the bowl of the toilet.  Add a few drops of lemon essential oil if desired and let stand for several minutes.  Swish and scrub with a toilet brush. Flush

2.  Spray entire toilet with peroxide inside and out and let stand for five minutes.

3.  Take a rag and wipe down toilet, scrubbing any dirty areas of necessary. I like to then take a dry towel and wipe down everything so no one sits on a wet seat and so there are no water spots left.

See?  Simple!  No toxic ingredients and still produces great results!  Win!

I don’t usually measure the ingredients.  Often I just eyeball it.  Remember, I’m all about the “good enough” mentality.  This mama is way too busy to be anal about baking soda measurements. 🙂






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