Weekly Cleaning Routine

You have likely seen cleaning charts and routines floating all across the web telling you to do a little cleaning every single day to make cleaning not so difficult. They either tell you to clean one room a day or to do a particular task each day.

I like the concept behind it, and I have tried and tried to do that method for many years, but I don’t anymore. I felt like something was wrong with me because I was constantly cleaning and never had a fully clean house! I also found important cleaning tasks were often bypassed or forgotten. For example, before I went ahead with a gutter guard installation, my gutters were always filled with leaves in the autumn and winter months!

Now hear me well. If you use this method in your home and it works for you, please do not change it. If you love it and it eases your stress level, there is no reason to change it! Everyone has different needs and systems that work for them, and I am going to share with you what works for me. I know that some people really struggle with cleaning though, either because they don’t like it, or they simply just don’t have the time. So if you find yourself in a similar boat then it might be easier for you to check out a company like Sparkle & Shine who can help you keep your house clean.

Weekly cleaning routine so the entire house is clean at one time.

One big cleaning day

For me, what works best is to pick a dedicated morning and knock out the entire house at one time. I have several friends who have hired people to clean their houses for them. They have all sung the praises of outsourcing this task. I may indeed outsource this as well when we have the funds to do it, but for now I have decided I’m going to act like we are the housekeepers. If you know someone who cleans houses for a living, you know that they often clean multiple houses in a day, so they are not spending all day on one house. Why should it take me all week long and multiple hours to clean my house?

Weekly Cleaning Routine

I chose Fridays because my husband is home on Fridays. After breakfast, we divi out the chores and get busy. Someone vacuums the entire house, which is usually my husband or myself. Don’t you find that your vaccuum can become stiff while using them?. Maybe it is time to get a new one. Before going ahead with anything, be sure to do your research into whatever product you had in mind. Compare Roombas vacuums, for example, against other brands to see which product will be worth the money. My husband wipes down everything in the kitchen. I am usually responsible for the bathrooms. The kids usually dust and clean the glass because they love to use the spray bottle. They are also responsible for making sure their bedrooms are clean. We work on our porch together, and then the house is completely clean. It takes about two hours to do the entire house.

One important thing to note is this is not including dealing with clutter and picking up. That is done every single day in our fifteen minute tidy before bed. Without this habit in place, the big cleaning day would not be possible in this short amount of time because we would have to spend so much time dealing with tidying. When a housekeeper comes to your house to clean, they don’t deal with clutter. They just clean, which means that you have to have the clothes, toys, and trash picked up so that they can do their job.

Do yourself a favor and really nail down that nightly tidy. It will make cleaning day a million times faster.

My weekly cleaning tasks

  • vacuum entire house (moving furniture)
  • dust entire house with microfiber cloth
  • bathrooms (toilet, tub, sink, sweep, mop, empty trash, change hand towel)
  • wipe down/polish appliances in kitchen & any stainless steel like trash cans
  • clean glass (mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms, glass in the French doors)
  • spot mop
  • wipe down kitchen counters and backsplash

There may be more that you need to do. This is my minimum to keep the house looking decent. I could get much more detailed and clean ceiling fans, baseboards, etc. but I save that for my deep cleaning when the seasons change.

What about you? What is your weekly cleaning routine?



  1. Joy December 6, 2018 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    I finally realized the same thing! Every other method I tried just made it seem like all I did was clean. The once a week cleaning keeps me from coming home from the office with yet another list of things to do! It really works well if you are also at least pretty good about picking up after yourself daily!

    • Tara Buss December 6, 2018 at 8:57 pm - Reply

      Oh yes! The quick tidy at the end of the day is essential for doing it this way. Thanks for the comment, Joy. ūüôā

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