How to transform your home from cluttered to clean

This is my favorite time of year to declutter, organize, and clean. With the old year ending, the new year approaching, and making room for new Christmas presents, it just naturally happens in my house. If you find yourself spinning your wheels never feeling like you can keep up with your house, I have good news for you. There is hope for even natural slobs like myself who birthed two little messy tornadoes. Even we can have reasonably clean houses. It does take work to get it in a state of maintenance, but getting there is so worth it. The results are less effort cleaning, more time for relaxation or play, and less “stuff” to manage. Ultimately, if your home is a little lacking in room, a new conservatory provides you with additional living space, so if you’re looking for ways to increase your floor space, a conservatory could be the game changing solution your family needs. That being said, want to know my best decluttering tips?

How to transform your home from cluttered to clean

1. Massive purge

You just can’t organize clutter. It will defeat you every single time. We just finished a huge kitchen remodel and I got rid of about a third of the items in my kitchen. The men that helped me unload my car at Goodwill assumed I was moving, which gave me a google chuckle. This is my purge pile.


I can’t tell you how much of a difference it is making in my kitchen not having around the extra junk that just took up space. It is so much easier to keep everything clean. So purge purge purge. Your home and sanity will thank me.

Why you can’t keep a clean house.

2. Set up functional organization systems

This doesn’t have to be complicated, but making sure your organization systems are functional goes a long way in being able to keep a clean house. Make good use of vertical storage. Invest in some good quality baskets and drawers for toys, clothing and more. Keep belongings off of the floor. Utilize hooks. Keep everything within sight so you don’t have to search through cabinets and drawers to find something. Here are a few examples of my favorite organization systems in my home.




organized drawers


3. Create doable routines

Make your routines simple and doable enough that they will become like auto-pilot. A few simple tasks around the home every day (if you have an uncluttered home) will help keep your home running efficiently without a lot of extra work.

My 5 daily routines

4. Get your family involved

The task of keeping house shouldn’t rest on one person’s shoulders. Everyone that lives in the home should have jobs. If everyone works together and takes personal responsibility, it will make housekeeping much less burdensome.

How to keep a child’s room clean

Controlling the toy clutter


If you want to learn more about these basic steps in depth, I have written a book on this very topic. It’s a simple doable book with action steps that you can take right away. If you’re a slob like me, trying to get a handle on your house, I think you will really enjoy this book.

Book graphic


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