How to refresh your heart as a homemaker

Do you ever find yourself getting short tempered with your children?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a mother?  Do you feel like you don’t have anything left in your cup to pour out to anyone else?  I was completely there the past couple of weeks.  I felt down for no good reason.  Tired, short-fused, un-motivated, in a funk.  Maybe you’ve noticed that I haven’t written anything for weeks!  I just couldn’t seem to find any words to write.  I would stare at a blank screen during my work hours and nothing would happen.

I go through seasons of this from time to time, and every single time, I know the cure.  I need some time for solitude.  I need some time for rest.  I need some time for refreshment and renewal.  I need some time for fun.  I need some time to bask in the Lord’s goodness and beauty in his creation and his Word.

Thankfully, this week, I was given time to do just that and let my mama cup be filled back up to the brim.  My husband is so wonderful at recognizing when I need this time and makes sure that I am free to do what it takes to recharge.  Maybe my clues aren’t so subtle…AHEM.  But seriously, I am so blessed with a sensitive and caring husband that loves me well and serves and loves me the way Christ loved the church.  It’s a hefty task, but he does it well.

Wednesday night I was able to stay home completely by myself in a house of complete silence.  No tv. No radio.  No anything.  Just silence.  It was truly music to this introvert’s heart that craves peace in this fast paced noisy world.

Thursday, I joined some friends in celebration of another friend’s birthday.  We painted with the instruction of an artist and it was great fun, even for a novice like me!  It was the first time I had ever painted on a canvas, and I was inspired to do it again.  Trying something new and learning a new skill, I find is excellent for when you are in a funk or feeling un-motivated.

painting with a twist photo

The best part was when I came home, my husband and my kids had made me an unexpected gift that totally made me cry.  We always expect something sweet and sappy on a day when someone tells them to appreciate mom, like Mother’s Day, but on a random day, it seems even sweeter.

I was gifted with a precious certificate making it official that to them, I am the best mommy.  That cracked me up.


Then they gave me the sweetest handmade card that they spent all evening making.  I loved that they took the time to take pictures outside and even draw sweet pictures.  Aren’t they the cutest?

homemade card

To top it off, I received two envelopes stuffed with cash.  Wise husbands know that mama will need another day to herself, so I was gifted with money to spend on me and money to spend on the kids and hubby.  Of course my husband and I share our money and decide together how it should best be spent, so no one truly has to give me permission to spend anything, but he knows that I don’t often spend money on myself, which is why he specifically set some aside to do just that.


Oh and there was chocolate too, but as you can see, there is no picture of that.  It was eaten before I had time to snap a photo, because…well…priorities.

My point is, mamas, take time to recharge!  Take time to get away.  Take time to slow down and rest.  Even Jesus had to get away from the crowds and spend time in prayer to the Father frequently.  A little solitude and renewal sprinkled throughout your week or month will go a long way.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  It could be as simple as a quiet walk or listening to a podcast that you enjoy.  It could be painting or reading a good book.  It could be going to get coffee with a good friend.  Maybe it’s investing in a class to learn a new skill or dance.  Maybe it’s just a blanket out in a park praying and journaling.  I promise you that it will make a difference though in your heart and in how you are able to serve others.

Take care, mamas.  You are precious.


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