Favorite kitchen organization features

As many of you know, we recently remodeled our kitchen. It wasn’t because we didn’t like the aesthetics of the kitchen, but instead out of necessity. Our floor was squishy and rotting beneath us due to water damage. We had a hole behind our sink and water would also leak under the cabinet. That sort of plumbing issue is so irritating, yet we were never quick to call a plumber. If the leak continues to get progressively worse, we might have to consider finding a local plumbing company that could help us, like Paul The Plumber for example. One of our friends has used them before now and she said they fixed the issue quickly. We should really call out a plumber, that leak shouldn’t be there! To add insult to injury, every single one of our appliances was going out. Our fridge literally stopped working two days before our new one was delivered so we were lucky to have looked at the fridge reviews on Village Bakery when we did or we’d have been waiting even longer.

We knew it was in bad shape, but we didn’t realize how bad our old kitchen was functioning until we got the opportunity to design all of the organization features from scratch. There are plenty of remodeling contractors out there, but only the best ones will help you to design a kitchen that not only looks good but also functions well. Now that we’ve been in our new kitchen for over a month, I can tell you exactly what my favorite kitchen organization features are that I would choose again if I was designing another kitchen. A friend told me that they financed their new kitchen when they had too by increasing their savings pot through acquiring the best home energy quote to ensure that they could get the kitchen they always dreamed of. Money Expert (https://www.moneyexpert.com/gas-electricity/) provided them with the great quote so, I hear.

Pull out drawers

For lower cabinets, I would take pull out drawers over plain cabinets every single time. They are just so wonderful. I have pull out drawers for my spices, lunch supplies, kitchen utensils, baking tools, reusable grocery bags, grilling supplies, pantry items, mixing bowls, silverware and knives, plates and bowls, and glasses. Basically everything that I use on a daily basis, I chose to store in the bottom cabinets in pull out drawers where they would be easily accessible. No more lost items in the back of cabinets. No more wasted cabinets space. They probably doubled my storage and make organization so much easier.

My favorite kitchen organization features of our new kitchen.

My favorite kitchen organization features of our new kitchen. Love these pull out drawers.

My favorite organization features in our new kitchen. I adore this spice drawer.

My favorite organization features in our new kitchen. Love these pull out drawers.

My favorite organization features in our new kitchen. Love my new pantry with pull out drawers.

Pull out hidden trash and recycling

I adore having my trash and recycling hidden within a pull out cabinet on my island. No more ugly trash can visible. It conceals smells better, and I also love being able to scrape food scraps that I cut on my cutting board directly from the island into the trash can.

My favorite organization features of my new kitchen. These pull out trash and recycling bins are so handy.

There is also a hidden drawer right above the trash can that stores my trash bags. I always try to store items close to where they are needed to increase functionality.

Favorite organization features in our new kitchen. Love the hidden drawer for trash bags.

Silverware, Glasses, Plates and Bowls are where children can reach them

The number one thing I wanted in this new kitchen was for my children to be able to easily access their own plates, glasses, bowls, and silverware. I wanted them to easily be able to set the table, unload the dishwasher, retrieve their own snack, and get their own water throughout the day. This new system has not disappointed. With my old kitchen, I would find my children climbing on the counters to reach the top cabinets to get a cup. It was dangerous and just not functional.

Center island with pull out drawers. So functional!

Glasses in pull out drawers allows children to easily reach their own drinks. Makes unloading the dishwasher easy for children.

Silverware in pull out drawers allows children to easily reach their own and makes unloading the dishwasher easy for children.

Plates and bowls in pull out drawers allows children to easily reach their own and makes unloading the dishwasher easy for children.

Pull out corner cabinet

This is one of my absolute favorite parts of the kitchen. My corner cabinet in my previous kitchen was a nightmare. It was total wasted space where everything would get lost. I could not access the back of the corner well, and I just hated it. This new corner cabinet is a dream!

Beautiful pull out corner cabinet. No more wasted space.

The new cabinets have levels that swivel and pull out so I never have to reach in the back of the cabinet ever again. I chose to put my pots and pans in this cabinet to make them easily accessible. My old pots and pans cabinet was a nightmare. My pots were stacked and would fall over and I would frequently lose lids.

Beautiful pull out corner cabinet. So functional. No more wasted space and digging in the corner.

Beautiful corner cabinet. So functional. No more wasted space and digging around in the corner.

Vertical storage for cutting boards, sheet pans, and muffin tins

This is something so simple that changes an entire kitchen. Instead of stacking items, try placing items on their side to stand upright. When reaching for a single item, it makes it so much easier to grab without every other item falling out with it. These simple dividers made a world of difference.

Store cookie sheets, cutting boards and muffin tins on their side for maximum functionality.

All appliances and large items high but easily accessible

Many people choose to put their larger appliances and casserole dishes in bottom cabinets because they are heavier. I did this same thing in my old kitchen. In my new kitchen I decided to put my blender, food processor, slow cooker, casserole dishes, etc in my ceiling height upper cabinets. The key is to keep them still easily accessible by not stacking items too high and not overloading the cabinets. My blender is right at my eye level and right where I need it for a morning smoothie. I no longer have to dig in a bottom over crowded cabinet with too many large appliances crammed together. The items that I use the least like my pie and cake pans, I chose to store in my highest cabinets. I use them only a few times a year so I felt comfortable grabbing a stool for when I need them.

My favorite organization features in our new kitchen.

My favorite organization features in the new kitchen.

That wraps up my favorite kitchen organization features. We chose Ikea for our kitchen cabinets and organization pieces, but I have seen converter pieces similar to these at many major hardware stores for relatively inexpensive. You will not be sorry by investing money in great organization tools. It has greatly improved the functionality of our kitchen and our ability to keep it clean. You guys know how I used to struggle with keeping a clean kitchen.

For more decluttering, cleaning, and organization tips, check out my latest book, The Art of Keeping House. Find out how this messy mama finally transformed our home from cluttered to clean.



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