Detox your laundry routine

We often don’t think about the added toxic chemicals and substances that lurk in our laundry room.  If clothing and linens smell like that overpowering scent of detergent when they comes out of the dryer, we consider them “clean” and give very little thought to what they may be doing to our bodies.  The truth is that in our stain removal products, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets we are overloading our bodies with fragrances and toxic substances that can impact the nervous system, endocrine system, and can irritate eyes, lungs and skin.  It may be time to detox your laundry routine.

If you have skin issues like sensitive skin or eczema, asthma problems, or small children, you will definitely want to consider taking a second look at the products you use in your home.  Even if you don’t fall into one of those categories, in my opinion, it’s just smarter to use as few of artificial fragrances and potentially toxic and carcinogenic ingredients as possible.

We made the switch years ago and have not been sorry in the least.  If anything it has simplified my laundry routine, and now I can barely stand the scented laundry detergent because it smells so overpowering to me.

Detox your laundry routine

Stain removal

Ditch:  Stain sticks, stain sprays, stain pens

Homemade option:  I’ve had very good luck with a natural dish detergent, baking soda, and peroxide. See my post on how to remove grease stains.

Store bought option:  Oxygen based stain remover is great for stains.

Remove stains naturally and detox your laundry routine


Ditch:  store bought detergents with dyes and fragrances

Homemade option:  When I used to make my own, this is the homemade detergent recipe I used.

Store bought option:  Currently I use Seventh Generation


Fabric softener

Ditch:  liquid scented fabric softeners

Homemade option:  white vinegar in the fabric softener container in the wash.  Here are instructions.



Ditch:  Bleach, brightening detergents

Homemade option:  peroxide on whites, drying in the sun

Store bought option:  Pure Oxygen Boost like this or another oxygen based product. Soak your clothing in this solution or add it to your wash for a whitening boost.


Static Removal

Ditch:  Dryer sheets.  These are among the worst offenders when it comes to toxins in your laundry.

Homemade option:  Homemade wool dryer balls or homemade dryer sheets

Store bought option:  You can find wool dryer balls online like this Etsy shop or Amazon.  You can also find reusable dryer sheets online as well.


What about you?  Have you started detoxing your laundry routine?  Do you plan to start?

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