Weekly Cleaning Routine

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You have likely seen cleaning charts and routines floating all across the web telling you to do a little cleaning every single day to make cleaning not so difficult. They either tell you to clean

The Beauty of the 15 Minute Tidy

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I have written before about my daily habits that I complete every single day.  Even if I don't get anything else accomplished during the day, I know that my house will stay somewhat orderly with

How to remove grease stains

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This is my life ya'll...STAINS! Stains on my kids' clothing. Stains on my furniture. Stains on MY clothing. We all know that the stresses of removing stains from your rug, but, a stained rug is

I am just like you

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I struggle. I just want to make that perfectly clear to those of you that read this blog. I struggle just like you. Yes, it may seem to you at times that I have much

Five habits of a dirty kitchen

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I am THE LAST person that is qualified to give anyone advice on how to keep a clean kitchen.  Ask any of my college roommates or my husband and they will attest to the fact

The struggle of a yelling mother

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It usually goes something like this. The mother begins calm. The toddler dumps out his oatmeal on his head during breakfast. **Grrr...I just washed his hair last night!** While he's being cleaned up, the older daughter has