10 DIY gifts made with essential oils

This post was written in collaboration with Plant Therapy. All opinions are my own. I only share products with you that I use and love in my own home.


I love homemade gifts. I love to give them. I love to receive them.

Knowing that someone spent time creating a thoughtful gift with their own two hands just makes me smile and makes me feel loved. That’s also why I enjoy giving homemade gifts to others that I care about–to show them I love them and put real effort into their gift.

There is certainly nothing wrong with trekking through the mall and choosing the latest scented lotion and body wash, but to give it that extra personal touch, you could also give a homemade version of those gifts made with quality non-toxic ingredients and scented with essential oils instead of artificial fragrances. Essentials oils are hot right now, and add such a festive touch to any gift. I personally use Plant Therapy essential oils because I love their quality, affordability, and safety education. They also have tons of Christmas sales in the month of December, so be on the lookout.

Here are my top ten gifts made with essential oils.

1. Body butter: Luxurious and rich, this one will certainly be well received.

2. Bath salts: Bath salts are such an easy gift requiring only a few ingredients of epsom salt, salt, and essential oils. This “candy cane” version is one of my favorites during the Christmas season.


3. Roll on perfume: Sadly I can’t do a lot of perfumes. They are too strong for me and give me a headache, but these custom roll on perfumes are a great way to give someone a custom scent without resorting to other perfumes. You don’t have to add quite this much essential oil if it is too strong for you.


4. Hand soap/body wash: Tie a festive tag on this homemade scented soap and pair it with a cute hand towel, and you have a great gift for a teacher or friend on your list.


5. Lip balm: Lip balm is super simple to make and you can customize it with any essential oil that you like. You could choose a fruity blend, a peppermint blend for Christmas, or even a soothing blend. You just need either a small jar or lip balm tubes to pour the liquid in so it can harden and set up.

  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp shea butter
  • 1 tsp beeswax
  • 3 drops of essential oil of choice

In a double boiler, melt oil, shea butter, and beeswax. Stir in essential oil of choice and pour into molds. Let cool to set up.

6. Shaving cream: This would be great in a gift basket with other skin care gifts or even all on its own. It would also be a great gift for men and women alike.

7. Lotion bars: add essential oils after heating and before putting into molds. This one is simple like the lotion bars. They require the same ingredients so you could make them at the same time.

lotion bars

8. Beard oil: For the bearded man in your life. Great for a stocking stuffer. My husband had been looking for beard balm for a while and when I finally bought him some for his birthday, he was overjoyed! It’s the simple gifts that men love!

9. Oatmeal bath: I can see this one in a DIY spa basket with a sugar scrub and bath salts.

10. Sugar scrub: Perfect for exfoliating and nourishing dry winter skin. You can use regular sugar, skip the vanilla and cinnamon, and add your favorite scent such as lavender. Add about 10 drops of essential oil.

BONUS: You could also just give someone the gift of essential oils without making a homemade gift. Plant Therapy has a ton of gift set options. The cleaning set is what I use most in my home, but your needs may be different than mine, so another set may be more appealing.



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